Monday, December 29, 2008

Goodbye Holidays

I'm really ready for the holidays to be over, in fact I'm ready for this entire year to be over. First half of my christmas vacation was me running fever and feeling like death warmed over. I still feel really crappy because i'm still sick and I got news I never wanted to hear but that's not something I want to talk about or think about, for that matter. My mom ended up in the hospital for a couple of days because of pnuemonia, she's home now and doing better. I got to see my cousin that I haven't seen in like 8-10yrs. We had a nice christmas, most of our gifts were for my 4yr old niece. One of my uncles gave my daughter a Yamaha keyboard and she was THRILLED to pieces. She didn't care that it was used. 1st thing she said was " I can hit more than one key now". I'm surprised she hasn't run the batteries down in it yet. I have to go and get an AC adapter for it. The nicest gift I got was from the hubby, a professional airbrush kit, I just have to wait on the compressor portion of it now. I'm so tired, I need more sleep. LOL! It's really quiet at work and has been all day. Most people are still on vacation. We've only had one person come in and that was to drop something off for service work.

I'm really hoping that after all the holidays are said and done that I can finally get to sit down and breathe and maybe create some new stuff. Right now, no ideas cause i'm full of brain fog (sinuses). BLEH!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Poor Workmanship


I got pictures. I posted about these items yesterday and how shoddy the workmanship is. I was taking the pictures last night and my camera just didn't want to look at them. I could see the flaws, the lack of effort and the evident lack of pride and care for the work. It was making me mad all over again. I know the pictures aren't the greatest but I was working on limited time. The batteries in the camera were about to die and it was really late and I just didn't have time to set up a lighting.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just around the Corner

HI! Just another week and Christmas will be here, YEAH! I've gotten almost all of my Christmas shopping done and went way over my budget, oops! I still have a few things to make, just need the motivation. I got some of the supplies I have been waiting on and now just need to find a bit of time to finish up the earrings to go with a necklace. I also need to finish the scarf i'm working on for my grandmother. I can't wait till next week because i'm OFF, OFF, OFF! 9 day vacation, WOOHOO! I'm excited but I'm not, cause probably half of that is going to be sent traveling from one place to another. Honestly, I'd rather just stay home but I can't cause I miss my family too and it's hard to go and see them and this time of year is when I get my vacation so I gotta go.

Creatively speaking, I have earrings to finish and I need to finish up on a prototype ring design. I haven't come across a ring like this yet but doesn't mean that someone hasn't already done it or something very similar. So after the holidays look for my new design (to me anyways).

I have a beef with an artist even though I don't know where this lady is from, just somewhere near El Campo TX., I think. My great Aunt T ordered a couple of floral paperweights for my grandmother. My grandmother wanted red roses and the date of birth and death of my grandfather. When my grandmother recieved the items she told me that she almost started crying and was just going to throw them in the trash. First, they weren't even red roses, they were a reddish carnation and a yellow carnation. Second, they weren't even the same sizes. The reddish carnation is probably the better of the two but not by to much. The yellow carnation one, it's like the lady just decided to hurry up and since she didn't seem to have enough resin to make it the same size the carnation looks squished.The yellow one, it's just horrible, I was upset that this artist actually let that one leave to a customer. They both have knicks like they were cut by something. The bottoms were painted with a crappy green paint that didn't even get into all the cracks and crevices. The bottom was covered with green felt and it was a sloppy job on cutting it to fit the bottoms. The yellow one actually had scraps of green felt stuck to the bottom. As an artist, selling a product, I would never have let those leave my home much less expect the customer to pay for them. It's things like this that give crafter/artists a bad name and make consumers continue to see our creations as "garage sale" type products. Grrr, just thinking about it makes me mad and I have those horrible pieces at my house right now. About the only decent thing I can say about them, the person did a decent job on keeping the air bubbles out. I'm going to have to get pictures so that everyone can see. I just haven't had time yet.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's cold, It's cold, It's COLD!

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! It's cold outside. I can't believe it, just yesterday before the cold front moved in, it was in the mid 70's and dropped down to the 30's by midnight and it snowed. It was really windy and it was mentioned we might see some snow flurries. WOW! it was coming down fast and big huge snowflakes at that, more like ice than that soft stuff most people think of. Yet it was still light enough to float around. I was so excited that I forgot that my camera takes video footage too. I think the video would have captured the intensity of the snow coming down. I did get some pictures though and almost froze my fingers off. My poor digits were so freaking cold that I couldn't even feel the button on the camera or if I was even pressing hard enough to take the picture, the flash was the only thing that said yes I was. LOL! It was really cool cause in Texas, especially Austin, we don't get much of anything like this, mostly sleet and ice when it does happen. I've only seen it snow a few times in my life, that it actually stayed on the ground for more than a couple of hours. We had the sliding glass door open to let in some fresh cool air and my kitten Lira was going crazy. Some of the large snowflakes were floating onto the porch and she wanted at them. She kept running back and forth like a kitty on crack, her tail like a bottle cleaner. LOL! She kept standing up on the screen door and meowing like she wanted at those snowflakes. So silly and to bad I didn't get any pictures of her acting like a freak.

When I got home yesterday, the hubby had decorated the porch with lights and decorated the tree. He's so sweet when he's not being Mr. Grumpy.

So here are the pics, starting with our wee little tree, hehe!

The wreath I made a few years ago. It's changeable cause the only things somewhat attached are the bows and they are just twist ties on the back.

Here are the snow pics

Monday, December 8, 2008

Just a jolt

Well it seems that I've recieved a bigger jolt of creativity than I had thought. YIPPEEEE FOR ME! Some of my readers know that i've been dealing with a major slump the past few years. This has been the longest and hardest slump I've gone through in a really long time. There are many factors that haven't helped in getting me out of this but I have hope and look forward to another year. Around the end of the year, christmas holiday, I get a little more inspiration to create, mostly gifts though. So here is a few things I'm working on at the moment.

Necklace- Sterling silver, fresh water pearls and black czech faceted briolettes.


Cute little angel earrings- sterling silver and faceted czech glass rounds

Here are my girls, Kitty (aka Fat cat) and Lira (aka Brat cat). This is one of their more quieter moments. Kitty had been cleaning Lira.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Muse came and visted

Hi everyone!

Hope ya'll had a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday. We had a small family get together, the hubby cooked a most excellent ham. I made candied yams, green been casserole, 7-up cake, cherry pie and a pumpkin pie. The next day we used the ham bone and made stock for a ham soup, it was sooooooooooo good..Mmm,Mmm Yummy!

I didn't get half the things done that I had planned to do over my little vacation. I had a 6 day weekend. Tuesday I had already scheduled off over a month ago not even realizing at the time it was the week of Thanksgiving. My appointment went well, I now have some medical coverage and assistance through my county for atleast a year. I only have to pay 25% of my bill, unless it's a private doctor thing through the ER then I have to pay the whole bill. My prescriptions won't cost me but about $10-$20 which is good. I also qualified for women's health services, which is why I needed the medical help to begin with.

Later that afternoon however, my good day went to pot. I was on my way to pick up my daughter from school. I didn't even get around the corner from my apartment before I got backed into. I was coming to a speed bump and slowing down because I have bad struts on my car. I caught the vehicle lights come on out the corner of my eye and no hesitation, the lady just started backing up. I tried to swerve and honk at the same time, but I just wasn't fast enough. She got a scratch on the pretty chrome of her bumper and I now have a dent in the rear fender well to match the dent on the same side on the front fender well. I got backed into back in February in a parking lot. It's almost identical except different parking lots. Both vehicles that hit me were trucks and both drivers said they didn't see me, even though my car was past theirs and if they'd bothered to look out the side mirrors they wouldn't have had any problem seeing me. Grrrrrr! So either I'm going to have a great christmas from the money I get or a newer car. Personally, I'm leaning to a newer car, maybe even a bigger car so that noone has a problem seeing me. (rolls eyes) Unfortunately, my car being old and way past it's prime, the replacement parts have all been discountinued and the probability of finding them is like 50/50 shot. Noone was hurt, I was a little shook up from it though.

The rest of my little vacation, went just fine. I have some pics of new stuff.

This is a pair of earrings I'm sill working on. I have some chain coming in so that I can finish them. I glued swarovski flat back crystals into their spots. I have realized that some how I've ended up with A LOT of the green flat backs in several sizes.

This is a necklace I finished. I'm really liking the new Global Nomad line of products by Blue Moon Beads (creativity inc.) that you can find at Michaels. I still have another centerpiece to work on, waiting on chain for that too.

A close up of the center piece.

Another gorgeous pair of earrings. I got the moon like shapes from a seller on Etsy (GreatMusings). I glued on tiny flat back AB crystals and a citrine crystal to give them just a little sparkle. I really like these earrings.

My grandmothers bracelet. She wanted a dice bracelet and charms to indicate gambling. She likes to get down to Louisanna now and then or the bingo hall. hehehe

I also finally took some decent pictures of some stuff I've been meaning to list on my Etsy shop. More handmade jewelry and some more supply stuff, like pre-printed fabric patterns for stuffed dolls. Like this cute little guy.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hang around Creativity!

I know I haven't posted in a bit and I haven't been keeping this up to date as well as I should but I haven't been doing much, so I haven't posted. Well, the past few days have been interesting though. I have had a few ideas, started a few new pieces last night and i'm almost done with one of them. I've been seriously procrastinating on taking some pictures for Etsy. It's jewelry I've made but previous pictures just didn't do them justice and I really need to relist them, just with better pictures. I'm really hoping that my creative spark hangs around a little longer this time. Usually about this time of year, even in my dry spells, I get a little bit of a creative boost to make stuff so that I have gifts to give at Christmas.

I have 1 belly dancing necklace that is almost finished.
I have 1 pair of belly dancing earrings to finish, just need a few supplies.
I started a red knitted scarf for my grandmother, which I'm planning on starting over.
I need to finish 1 helm maille bracelet, need to add clasp and beads.
I need to cut rings to make my mom a helm maille jewelry set for christmas.
I need to finish stringing the beads for my grandmothers gambling bracelet.
I need to attach lobster clasp to my grandmothers gambling zipper pull.
Try out the fleece hat pattern I came across.

I have a few ideas swirling around for some polymer clay christmas ornaments. These ornaments will not be covered ornaments though. I guess I'll see how that turns out. I also have a few ideas for some scrap material that I'd like to make into either hippie bags or some grocery bags. This idea will take some doing, because the pieces are just strips of different sizes and designs.

I have a 5 day weekend, WOOHOO! I'm crossing fingers that I get to atleast half of the stuff I want to do. I'm hoping to do a bit of spring cleaning and dispensing with some creative supplies. I really need to pair down my collection and at the same time I need to come up with some extra cash to get some car repairs done before Christmas, hence the pairing down of supplies.

Just the thought of having to get rid of something makes me feel sick to my stomach. It seems like I have a lot of stuff and compaired to the amount of space I have to work with, I do. In reality however, I have a moderate selection of supplies, it's just unorganized. I think the biggest part of my whole collection is fabric, then yarn, then magazine/books and then so on. My hubby just doesn't seem to understand and it is really frustrating. He thinks if I haven't used it in 5yrs then it needs to go, except that the right idea just hasn't come along yet or I just haven't had the time to really spend on it. Sewing, my biggest collection of stuff and the least amount worked on. I have the patterns, the ideas just not the time or space as of yet. I need the space to cut out patterns, which I don't have. I'd do a lot more sewing then.

My carpel tunnel is acting up so I can't really do any crocheting or knitting for long or short periods for that matter. My hands, especially my fingers start going numb. In fact my middle and ring finger on my right hand are tingling as I type this. I just have to work through it I guess. I'm hoping soon that things will start to turn around and I can have it taken care of and ease things up so I can really sit down and work on stuff. I think that is also part of the problem lately with my creative slump. Why start something if my hands are just going to go numb. I use my hands to see what I'm making or working on.

I should have some stuff to post about next week.

Monday, October 27, 2008

What your taste in Art says about you!

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Balanced, Secure, and Realistic.

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People that like Impressionist paintings may not alway be what is deemed socially acceptable. They tend to move on their own path without always worrying that it may be offensive to others. They value friendships but because they also value honesty tend to have a few really good friends. They do not, however, like people that are rude and do not appreciate the ideas of others. They are secure enough in themselves that they can listen to the ideas of other people without it affecting their own final decisions. The world for them is not black and white but more in shades of grey and muted colors. They like things to be aestically pleasing, not stark and sharp. There are many ways to view things, and the impresssionist personality views the world from many different aspects. They enjoy life and try to keep a realistic viewpoint of things, but are not very open to new experiences. If they are content in their live they will be more than likely pleased to keep things just the way they are.

Take What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test at HelloQuizzy

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Something new

Not much of a creative spark lately. I did do a beaded face for SassyArtGoddess beaded face swap but I didn't put the full address and had it sent back. I need to get a picture but I was soooooooooooooooooo disappointed in myself for making that mistake. UGH!

Yesterday I started on this and finished. I had some silver plated jump rings in 2 sizes and got the wild hair to try a weave I haven't done before. I think this is called Helm chainmaille. I used purple glass dagger beads and bicone beads for a little color.

Bracelet is about 8inches long and will fit a wrist of 7"-7.5". I'd say a 7" wrist is the best fit, not to loose but doesn't slide to far down on the hand.

The earrings are about 4 inches from the top of the earring post to the bottom of the dangle. They have a little weight but not much.

The pendant measures about 3 inches from the top of the jump ring to the end of the dangle. The necklace it's currently on is silver plated 30" in length. One end reminds me of ear threads and the other end a barrel that the end of the necklace slides into. I got the necklaces in silver and gold tone for very cheap. They make decent display necklaces. I'd like to do a necklace in Helm, like a choker and have the pendant hang from that.

I'm really happy how these turned out. I actually spent time on making the wraps on the dangles as even and as neat as possible. I only had to redo one dangle and that's because the dagger bead was messed up. Now I wish I had some more jump rings in the two sizes so that I could make a few more like these. I really like how the bracelet feels and the pendant and earrings have a bit of weight but not to much.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm a Quitter

Yes, that's right I'm a QUITTER! It has been a month since I smoked a cigerette. In my life I needed some change so the first thing I did was quit smoking. I have several reasons why I quit. I went cold turkey (GOBBLE, GOBBLE).

1. Health
2. My daughter complaining
3. Money
4. Don't want to send out smoke smelling stuff (ie:beaded dolls, fabric, etc)
5. tired of the smell
6. tired of wiping gunky looking brown film off of everything
7. tired of emptying ashtrays, YUCK!

It was a really bad habit I picked up in high school and should have never picked back up again after my daughter was about 7-8 months old.

Now, even though I really really want a cigerette, I know I can do without them. I have found that the craving really is just mental and not really anything physical. I find that I want one most when I'm really stressed out. I just tell myself "NO". It's helped that my hubby has also quit so I'm not even buying them anymore. we've tried to quit several times before but we just weren't mentally ready for it and now we seem to be. YEAH! Now the fun part, cleaning everything.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Remembering A Beader


I just wanted to share a few things today. I used to be a very active member on the delphi forum boards. Bead Art was my first. They are an amazing bunch of beaders and just all around Amazing people. I haven't been around as much or beading as much or anything that much for several years now. They have lifted my spirits on so many occassions. There was a very special beader on this forum that not only was she a wealth of information, but such a generous, caring and kind soul, I miss her. Cindy McCornack was a wonderful woman who is dearly missed. She passed away in 2005 from her battle with cancer. She started a project but unfortunately God had other plans for her and she was not able to finish it. Every member who joined decided that we would finish it in her honor. It's been a few years in the making but it's now finished. I feel honored and privilidged to have been apart of this amazing project. I want to thank Dulcey for sending the email letting everyone know it was finally finished.

For more information regardy Cindy and the Beaded project please take a look at Dulcey's blog and the Etsy store set up in Cindy's honor to raise money for cancer research.

Dulcey's blog

Remebering Cindy Etsy store

I was fortunate enough to be one of the beaders on the .
Mystery Panel #2

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm an Aunt Again!

Well, it's taken me a few days to get over here. Work has picked up and will really be busy for the next week or so.

Despite today being a day to remember those we've lost, I have news of new life, new beginnings. On Tuesday, 9-9-08 My SIL gave birth to my niece, Mikaela Rae at 5:30am Hawaiian Time. Yesterday my coworker also gave birth to a little girl.

Looks like a have a few baby albums to make. Actually I'm behind, I have 3 to make or is it 2. I know I made an album when my nephew was born and I think I made an album when his lil sister was born. I definetly have 3 albums to make maybe 4. I didn't make an album for my other brother's daughter or did I. It seems lately that I can't remember. I'm having a serious case of CRS (can't remember shit). I might have to start leaving myself notes. LOL! I think I'll just make 2 albums, one for all the girls in my young brother's family, which there are 3 now and make one for my youngest brother. I should have all the supplies I need, maybe more fabri-tac but I might have enough. I love that stuff, it's great glue and I have several bottles of it right now.

Anywho, I need to get back to work, not that I want to but I have to.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I haven't been real active with my Etsy account and haven't listed anything in some time now. Just like everything else, it's kinda fallen to the side. Yesterday I was speaking with someone from Germany that was interested in some beads I had listed. I spoke with her and adjusted the listings so that she could purchase them and made the sale today. I'm happy about that, now I have a little bit of money and I should really list some more stuff. I really need to do some spring cleaning of my supplies. I have sooooooooooooooooo much of it.

I'm still waiting on the stuff I orderd so that I can complete the custom pendant request. I really think that this will be a better solution and hold up better than the original idea.

I've had thoughts of sculpting again. This time instead of a mermaid, a fairy comes to mind. I stopped by Jerry's Artorama a few weeks back and they finally had the 00 size clay/paint removers. I bought 2 then and need to get the other 2 sometime this weekend. I think they will help my face sculpting and hand sculpting issues. Thinking about all the things to be done this week and the weekend, looks like I'll be pretty busy for the latter half of the week.

Right now, I'm just trying to breathe. Allergies are kicking my butt at the moment. I'm guessing it's because of the mold count and the weather changes. Seems like about this time of year I start getting an allergy that ends up being a cold. I try to medicate but it seems that by taking the meds I just get sicker. BLEH!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well, I can't say that there has been much creating going on lately. I started this blog in hopes that it would help inspire me some to create so that I can share. I feel like I failed that idea miserably at this point but I'm not giving up.

Today I got an email from SassyArtGoddess about the annual beaded face swap. I joined the swap the very 1st year (2005) and haven't done one since. 2006 was a rough year, lots of stuff going on about this time that year. 2007 well, not much going on and I really didn't feel that I could even accomplish a piece, things were that off. Things are still off but I have the perfect face in mind and know just about which beads I will be using to accent it. I will pull that stuff out tonight and get it ready.

The custom pendant I was asked to make is driving me nuts. The design in my head works but it seems that I don't have the right materials for it (sigh). I've been wracking my brain about the problem I'm having and I think I may have figured it out. One, I'm not used to working with different metals like brass. I'm used to working in sterling and silver colored wire mostly and maybe a wee bit of copper or copper cored wire. I would have loved to do the piece in 14k gold-filled but that's just a wee bit out of the budget. Two, this depression that is just hanging around like a noose is extremely frustrating. Today I bought a couple of things off etsy that I think will work better than what is trying to happen in my head. I also think the design change will also make the lady happy. I found some lovely glass cabs in a sunny color that I'll wrap in brass or copper, haven't yet decided which wire I'll use. The change in idea seems to fit better than whatever direction I was trying to go. She wanted something sturdy because she's hard on jewelry.

I think I've realized why the funk just keeps hanging around, time for change. My first step is to quit smoking and I think I'm making great progress. I've had 2 cigerettes in the past week and I haven't bought anymore nor do I plan to. I know I can do this, I went 4 days without one and haven't had to many issues. LOL! Wish me the best of luck.

I also have a few pic updates of Lira our newest edition to the family. She's growing up so quickly. She's not nearly as skittish as she was the first month we had her. She has picked up my other cat, Kitty, and her behaviors. I can't go to the bathroom without them both at the door, Lira terrorizing Kitty. I can't go into the kitchen without Lira wanting my attention. She lets me know when she doesn't have any water or food. It's funny Lira tries to hide the food when I put it into their bowl. Lira also thinks that making the bed is play time and attacks my hands and feet. She seems to think that it's my job to pay attention to her even though she's supposed to be my daughter's responsibility. So here she is:

Lira and Kitty lying next to each other.

Lira and Kitty waiting for me to give them some attention. Lira sure is growing fast.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Just a little update

Hi All!

I know I haven't posted in awhile and I don't have anything new to share at the moment. I've been in a bit of a daze these last few weeks. I'm currently out of books to read, well I have one but not of the series I started. I should be getting a few more from that series this week.

I got a request for a custom sun themed pendant and I think that I have narrowed down the design, I just need a wee bit of wire. Mind you this was a couple of weeks ago, been waiting for payday to come around so that I could get the wire I need.

School is just around the corner, we are done with the summer school stuff and last week just finished up the week long band stuff. All the returning band members and new band memebers getting ready for the new school year. Last week was my daughter's 14th birthday, my how time flies. I took her to lunch for her birthday, just me and her. When payday came, the S.O. took us out to eat at the steak house and then to the movies for her birthday. Her and I went and saw the new Mummy movie and he went and saw Dark Knight, LOL! She still has birthday stuff coming from her dad who was out of town the latter part of last week and the first part of this week.

We stopped by Jerry's Artorama so I could buy her a new sketchbook for her birthday and some erasers. I also picked up some size 0 clay shapers. They finally had all the different sized clay shapers in stock. I still have 2 more I want to get for sure. I want to say there are only 4 in the size 0 but there might have been 5. I was just so excited they finally had them. When I get back to sculpting these are going to work great on the face and other body areas, but mostly the face is what I wanted them for.

I'm so glad that I don't have a lot of school supplies to buy this year. I've got half her clothes and we just need to get a couple pair of shoes and she's ready to go. Her dad is supposed to be buying the rest of the stuff she needs. Wow, 8th grade. My baby is growing up and sometimes thinking about it brings a lump to my throat. I really hope that she gets into taking art classes cause she's really developing a talent for drawing. (puffs out chest all proud she got some of my artistic talent) She really loves dragons so I'm going to have to go and pick up the drawing dragons book I saw at Michael's for her.

Here is a picture of a dragon she drew for me.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I just keep poppin in and out. I have come across some romance novels that have completely taken over most of my waking, non-involved with something time. There are like 16 books to this series and I've read 4 so far. So in the spirit of books and reading, I got tired of using whatever was handy to mark my place.

I took some of the 18g silver filled wire and began to shape it, willy nilly. I found some base metal chain and a mix of a few beads and attached them to the end of the chain. Here is the result:

Close up of dangles:

Though I like my bookmark, it's a bit flimsy. I need to use a heavier gauge wire, maybe something like 14g, maybe even 16g might work. I have found that with the silver filed wire, the bigger the piece the flimsier the wire seems. Smaller pieces it's pretty sturdy after a little bit of hammering and it doesn't take to much strength to start to flatten the wire.

I also have some cute pictures of my funny kitties and guinea pig to share.

Lira hanging out with Oscar in his cage.

Lira and my fat cat, Kitty, playing. Lira loves to launch herself at Kitty. It's so funny watching them play. I got several shots but the camera batteries were running low. I need to throw them back on the charger again. Man, they just seem to have no life to them, the batteries that is and they are pretty new.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Time Flys

Once again another Monday and half the day is just about over. I don't have any new stuff to show right now. I've hit another little slump that I just feel like I have no energy to create even though the ideas are still there. I even bought some more of the silver filled wire to make a few of those ideas and nothing at the moment.

I have found that the silver filled wire tarnishes pretty easy when sitting out and gets that funky smell. It cleans up pretty easy though and so far the pieces I've made from it haven't really tarnished yet.

My current list of projects:

1. Pair of earrings made from the silver filled wire in a leaf/teardrop shape
2. Finish leaf/teardrop pendant
3. continue to work on purple beaded caterpillar like bracelet
4. Finish Sterling silver earrings and post them to my Etsy shop
5. Measure clay pendant to make a cage for it.
6. cut out apron pattern for my grandmother's apron
7. Finish beaded dolls (2 of them) I started a few years ago

I have a list going and I could probably work on a few of those things while sitting up here at work. Work is so slow and so quiet right now that i'm about to go out of my mind. I have been reading some books but I finish them within hours or a few days, no matter how thick they are. It really all depends on how much time I actually have to sit and devote to reading. I will sometimes read until my eyes can no longer focus and my mind can't even retain what I've just read.

I picked up a book on a whim at the half price book store and really enjoyed the book and upon further research into the author, this particular series has a total of 16 books. YEAH ME! I could finish them in like 3 to 4 weeks. I've already read 2 of them. I'm a voracious reader sometimes. Sometimes I get so engrossed into the book that I get agitated when I'm interrupted. Right now, it seems I'm on another reading kick. I'm going to try and work on finishing one of the pendants tonight. I guess I'll see how it goes when I get home. I'm really tired.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello Monday, Goodbye Weekend!

Another weekend gone and all I really managed to do was wash 10 loads of laundry. I've been putting it off and putting it off. Most of it was bedding which takes up so much room, but it's done. I also remembered to charge the camera batteries and download some pictures this morning.

1st, I mentioned I'd made a green pendant in a previous post (i think). I kinda like it but my wire skills needs some brushing up on, seriously. LOL! The base design was supposed to become earrings but when I made 2, they didn't come out as alike as I wanted. I'm waiting on the wire I bought on friday so that I can try that again. I did pick up some more glass pearls from Wally World (wal-mart) on Sunday when I did some shopping. One is a blue and the other is kind of a bronze, maybe a bit lighter in color. I can't remember at the moment but it's pretty and I think it'll look nice on the other pendant frame.

Green Pendant - 18g & 24g silver filled wire, glass beads and I think the pearls might be plastic, I haven't broken one to check but they could be glass.

I have a new addition to my family. On Friday when I picked my daughter up after summer school (that's a whole other story), she was holding a frightened kitten. She said it was stuck in a tree and she thought it might have been there for a couple of days. The kitten was so skinny and whining for her mom. If we would have let it go, the probability of it getting run over was to high. I think the kitten might be about 4 months old but due to her thinness, I can't really tell. Yes, it's a little female.
We brought her home gave her a bath and fed her but not to much to fast cause I didn't want to make her sick. Her hip bones and ribs were showing. I think she may have been around people because she's pretty friendly when your holding her but as soon as you put her down she's off like a bullet.

My cat, Kitty (aka Fat cat), wasn't to thrilled with the new arrival. The kitten, I guess, thought she was her mom and showed no fear, even when Kitty was hissing. Kitty has now come to tolerate the kitten to a degree. They were eating and drinking together this morning and I even caught Kitty a couple of times licking the new baby. I have noticed that kittens she tolerates but older cats, NO WAY, NO HOW, NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

We haven't decided on a name yet for the new addition. My daughter offered up the name Bindi (croc hunter daughter) first and I was like NOOOOO, then she suggested the name Lira, which I kinda like. She's really sweet, when she's not hiding. She's got such an inquisitive little personality though. Her ears are to big for her little head and she kinda looks out of proportion. LOL! She's been playing and eating and staying out from under the couch and exploring more than she was a couple of days ago.

So here are a few pics of the new baby with my daughter: