Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm a Quitter

Yes, that's right I'm a QUITTER! It has been a month since I smoked a cigerette. In my life I needed some change so the first thing I did was quit smoking. I have several reasons why I quit. I went cold turkey (GOBBLE, GOBBLE).

1. Health
2. My daughter complaining
3. Money
4. Don't want to send out smoke smelling stuff (ie:beaded dolls, fabric, etc)
5. tired of the smell
6. tired of wiping gunky looking brown film off of everything
7. tired of emptying ashtrays, YUCK!

It was a really bad habit I picked up in high school and should have never picked back up again after my daughter was about 7-8 months old.

Now, even though I really really want a cigerette, I know I can do without them. I have found that the craving really is just mental and not really anything physical. I find that I want one most when I'm really stressed out. I just tell myself "NO". It's helped that my hubby has also quit so I'm not even buying them anymore. we've tried to quit several times before but we just weren't mentally ready for it and now we seem to be. YEAH! Now the fun part, cleaning everything.


Kiwi Ellen said...


I quit over 4 years ago & love that my lungs as well as my clothes & home are much cleaner. You are right about quitting together, my hubby gave up at the same time & we helped each other to do it..

Murphy said...

Congratulations Mel!!! :-)

Saby, still quitting evey day when going to sleep.