Monday, November 24, 2008

Hang around Creativity!

I know I haven't posted in a bit and I haven't been keeping this up to date as well as I should but I haven't been doing much, so I haven't posted. Well, the past few days have been interesting though. I have had a few ideas, started a few new pieces last night and i'm almost done with one of them. I've been seriously procrastinating on taking some pictures for Etsy. It's jewelry I've made but previous pictures just didn't do them justice and I really need to relist them, just with better pictures. I'm really hoping that my creative spark hangs around a little longer this time. Usually about this time of year, even in my dry spells, I get a little bit of a creative boost to make stuff so that I have gifts to give at Christmas.

I have 1 belly dancing necklace that is almost finished.
I have 1 pair of belly dancing earrings to finish, just need a few supplies.
I started a red knitted scarf for my grandmother, which I'm planning on starting over.
I need to finish 1 helm maille bracelet, need to add clasp and beads.
I need to cut rings to make my mom a helm maille jewelry set for christmas.
I need to finish stringing the beads for my grandmothers gambling bracelet.
I need to attach lobster clasp to my grandmothers gambling zipper pull.
Try out the fleece hat pattern I came across.

I have a few ideas swirling around for some polymer clay christmas ornaments. These ornaments will not be covered ornaments though. I guess I'll see how that turns out. I also have a few ideas for some scrap material that I'd like to make into either hippie bags or some grocery bags. This idea will take some doing, because the pieces are just strips of different sizes and designs.

I have a 5 day weekend, WOOHOO! I'm crossing fingers that I get to atleast half of the stuff I want to do. I'm hoping to do a bit of spring cleaning and dispensing with some creative supplies. I really need to pair down my collection and at the same time I need to come up with some extra cash to get some car repairs done before Christmas, hence the pairing down of supplies.

Just the thought of having to get rid of something makes me feel sick to my stomach. It seems like I have a lot of stuff and compaired to the amount of space I have to work with, I do. In reality however, I have a moderate selection of supplies, it's just unorganized. I think the biggest part of my whole collection is fabric, then yarn, then magazine/books and then so on. My hubby just doesn't seem to understand and it is really frustrating. He thinks if I haven't used it in 5yrs then it needs to go, except that the right idea just hasn't come along yet or I just haven't had the time to really spend on it. Sewing, my biggest collection of stuff and the least amount worked on. I have the patterns, the ideas just not the time or space as of yet. I need the space to cut out patterns, which I don't have. I'd do a lot more sewing then.

My carpel tunnel is acting up so I can't really do any crocheting or knitting for long or short periods for that matter. My hands, especially my fingers start going numb. In fact my middle and ring finger on my right hand are tingling as I type this. I just have to work through it I guess. I'm hoping soon that things will start to turn around and I can have it taken care of and ease things up so I can really sit down and work on stuff. I think that is also part of the problem lately with my creative slump. Why start something if my hands are just going to go numb. I use my hands to see what I'm making or working on.

I should have some stuff to post about next week.