Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello Monday, Goodbye Weekend!

Another weekend gone and all I really managed to do was wash 10 loads of laundry. I've been putting it off and putting it off. Most of it was bedding which takes up so much room, but it's done. I also remembered to charge the camera batteries and download some pictures this morning.

1st, I mentioned I'd made a green pendant in a previous post (i think). I kinda like it but my wire skills needs some brushing up on, seriously. LOL! The base design was supposed to become earrings but when I made 2, they didn't come out as alike as I wanted. I'm waiting on the wire I bought on friday so that I can try that again. I did pick up some more glass pearls from Wally World (wal-mart) on Sunday when I did some shopping. One is a blue and the other is kind of a bronze, maybe a bit lighter in color. I can't remember at the moment but it's pretty and I think it'll look nice on the other pendant frame.

Green Pendant - 18g & 24g silver filled wire, glass beads and I think the pearls might be plastic, I haven't broken one to check but they could be glass.

I have a new addition to my family. On Friday when I picked my daughter up after summer school (that's a whole other story), she was holding a frightened kitten. She said it was stuck in a tree and she thought it might have been there for a couple of days. The kitten was so skinny and whining for her mom. If we would have let it go, the probability of it getting run over was to high. I think the kitten might be about 4 months old but due to her thinness, I can't really tell. Yes, it's a little female.
We brought her home gave her a bath and fed her but not to much to fast cause I didn't want to make her sick. Her hip bones and ribs were showing. I think she may have been around people because she's pretty friendly when your holding her but as soon as you put her down she's off like a bullet.

My cat, Kitty (aka Fat cat), wasn't to thrilled with the new arrival. The kitten, I guess, thought she was her mom and showed no fear, even when Kitty was hissing. Kitty has now come to tolerate the kitten to a degree. They were eating and drinking together this morning and I even caught Kitty a couple of times licking the new baby. I have noticed that kittens she tolerates but older cats, NO WAY, NO HOW, NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

We haven't decided on a name yet for the new addition. My daughter offered up the name Bindi (croc hunter daughter) first and I was like NOOOOO, then she suggested the name Lira, which I kinda like. She's really sweet, when she's not hiding. She's got such an inquisitive little personality though. Her ears are to big for her little head and she kinda looks out of proportion. LOL! She's been playing and eating and staying out from under the couch and exploring more than she was a couple of days ago.

So here are a few pics of the new baby with my daughter:

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vivage said...

Here's an easy way to figure out if pearls are real or glass/plastic. Put the pearl to your mouth and just scrape your teeth against the pearl softly.

A real pearl will feel textured/gritty. Plastic or glass will feel slick.

I know it sounds odd but it really does feel different. I hope this helps because it's terrible if you have to crush a pearl to find out it's real.