Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well, I can't say that there has been much creating going on lately. I started this blog in hopes that it would help inspire me some to create so that I can share. I feel like I failed that idea miserably at this point but I'm not giving up.

Today I got an email from SassyArtGoddess about the annual beaded face swap. I joined the swap the very 1st year (2005) and haven't done one since. 2006 was a rough year, lots of stuff going on about this time that year. 2007 well, not much going on and I really didn't feel that I could even accomplish a piece, things were that off. Things are still off but I have the perfect face in mind and know just about which beads I will be using to accent it. I will pull that stuff out tonight and get it ready.

The custom pendant I was asked to make is driving me nuts. The design in my head works but it seems that I don't have the right materials for it (sigh). I've been wracking my brain about the problem I'm having and I think I may have figured it out. One, I'm not used to working with different metals like brass. I'm used to working in sterling and silver colored wire mostly and maybe a wee bit of copper or copper cored wire. I would have loved to do the piece in 14k gold-filled but that's just a wee bit out of the budget. Two, this depression that is just hanging around like a noose is extremely frustrating. Today I bought a couple of things off etsy that I think will work better than what is trying to happen in my head. I also think the design change will also make the lady happy. I found some lovely glass cabs in a sunny color that I'll wrap in brass or copper, haven't yet decided which wire I'll use. The change in idea seems to fit better than whatever direction I was trying to go. She wanted something sturdy because she's hard on jewelry.

I think I've realized why the funk just keeps hanging around, time for change. My first step is to quit smoking and I think I'm making great progress. I've had 2 cigerettes in the past week and I haven't bought anymore nor do I plan to. I know I can do this, I went 4 days without one and haven't had to many issues. LOL! Wish me the best of luck.

I also have a few pic updates of Lira our newest edition to the family. She's growing up so quickly. She's not nearly as skittish as she was the first month we had her. She has picked up my other cat, Kitty, and her behaviors. I can't go to the bathroom without them both at the door, Lira terrorizing Kitty. I can't go into the kitchen without Lira wanting my attention. She lets me know when she doesn't have any water or food. It's funny Lira tries to hide the food when I put it into their bowl. Lira also thinks that making the bed is play time and attacks my hands and feet. She seems to think that it's my job to pay attention to her even though she's supposed to be my daughter's responsibility. So here she is:

Lira and Kitty lying next to each other.

Lira and Kitty waiting for me to give them some attention. Lira sure is growing fast.

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Murphy said...

Hi Mel! :)
The picture of Lira and Kitty lying next to each other is precious! They are so cute!
Purrs and meows,