Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Raining Men!

Snowmen that is! I made snowmens, SEEEEEEE!

Aren't they just adorable! I made these 3 lil guys over the past couple of days. I made their scarves and their hats and since I didn't have anything to use as a suitable nose, I had to make some from clay and then paint. I think they all came out so darned cute. I showed my daughter the big one, since it was finished when she got back from visiting her dad, she said " great, more snowmen" LOL! Kids, gotta love'em. They go great with my little trees.

Over my 4 day weekend, I had planned on finishing my 1st pair of harem pants. I didn't finish them, unfortunately. I had to redo the gathering stitches 3 times, i'm on 3 now or is it 4? First try, something didn't stitch right so the bobbin thread didn't want to pull right and I broke the thread trying to force it. 2nd time got almost all the way done with the gathering and thread broke about an inch from the end, UGH! 3rd time, got it all gathered up nicely and was only making adjustments for it to fit in the cuff, broke the dang thread again. You would think by now that I'd throw that thread away, nope, it's still on the dang sewing machine. Here is my little helper, even though he wasn't much help. I love my old sewing machine, isn't she lovely!

So the harem pants are still sitting by the sewing machine. I might try and work on them again tonight, depend on how I feel. So far i'm liking them other than this gathering frustration at the breaking thread. It's such a simple fix, except I really don't want to use my good thread on this pair of harem pants because they are being made from a thread bare bed sheet. I used the sheet so I could get a feel of how to make harem pants before bustin out the fabric I want to use and it'll also give me a pair to practice in at home. Guinness, my sewing helper, thinks the pants are for him to attack.

I'm trying to check the fit here and he was very determined to attack, LOL! I was bending over to once again remove him from my leg when my daughter snapped this pic. I couldn't check the fitting because he wouldn't stop chasing me around and attacking. He's so silly! I finally had to have someone direct his attention elsewhere so I could finish.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Whoa Time Flies!

Wow, it's been almost 3 months since I posted anything. I didn't realize it had been that long. I'm still battling a creative funk that just doesn't want to let me go, period! I hate it. I have a few projects going, most of them are months old too. I need to get pictures of a few things.

I started a skirt some months back, like possibly september. I started on it not long after I finished the sari skirt. I just finished it a couple of days ago but I need to make a few minor tweeks and I'll truly be done. It's a lovely burgandy color, chiffon I think. It's kinda heavy but it's also semi-sheer as well. I also got some clothes altering in over the last few months as well. Hmmm, lets see, what else? ? ? ? Oh I also made a scoodie, which is a scarf with a hood. LOL! I've seen them online alot and they are soooooooooooooooooo easy to make. If your using fleece, no need for hemming WOOOOO! I'm also working on my very 1st pair of harem pants. I'm using an old thread bare bed sheet. I'm not going to ruin some nice fabric or even some muslin to make these, so bed sheet it was. AHAHAHAHA! So far so good, except that I realized I sewed the yoke seam to the front instead of the back, oops and it was to late to take out all that stitching too. I made small pleats in the front and now I have to decide if those are going to stay in the front along with the yoke seam or just turn everything and have pleats on my butt. I haven't taken pics of these projects yet but they are on my to do list.

Here are pics of some of the things i've done these last few months.

Here are the pumpkins that me and the hubs carved for Halloween. I did the bats, he did the skull. These were fun. I found that letting the inside dry out some before pulling the innards out, makes it easier to get the seeds out without all the other goopy stuff sticking. My bat pumpkin has a ghosty on one side and another bat on the other.

Here is another hair accessory that I started, it just needs the clip added and maybe a few crystals or beads and voila it'll be done.

Here is a more recent project, like within the last couple of weeks. It's a door decor made from toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I need to paint it. I found the idea here DIY Recycle door frame decor . I know it's not exact but hey, I like it. I think it's rather cute.

I also finally got around to making a throw pillow for my teenlette. She is very into skulls right now. I made this pillow cover but it is a wee bit big for the pillow that is currently in it, need a bigger pillow.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Repurposed Sari Skirt-Finished

I am almost finished. The only thing I need to do is go back and clip some straggler threads, press a few seams and I'm done, friggity done!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Been Awhile

It's been awhile since I've posted anything to this blog. I'm seriously lacking here, shame on me. Honestly, I haven't really made anything lately, so to speak.

I have been trying to get the DIY (doityourself) forum on tribe into doing project themes. I'm hoping that it would help my creativity and get me a bit more motivated. I'm the head honcho for this so if I'm the one starting it, I should also be participating. So far, I've only done one of the project themes and actually finished. The first theme thing didn't go over so well but I didn't start that one, I just kinda took over. I had something in mind for the project but just didn't get around to it. I still don't have much motivation.

So here are a few pics of stuff i've made in the last few months or I'm currently working on.

Velvet patchwork zill bag:

Repurposed sari:
Before being cut- Pallu

Here is the in works of the skirt I turned the sari into.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lacy Flowerettes

A few weeks ago I saw a tutorial on making a ribbon flower with the ribbong that has wire running through the edges. I don't remember where I saw it, youtube or maybe a website. I still haven't made one yet. I did however make some stuff using some lace I had. I had some white lace that I dyed using fabric dye, food cloring and antiquing with tea and coffee. I got a lovely shade of purple from the fabric dye, a nice pretty pink from the food coloring and a nice antique color from the tea and coffee. I tried to make green lace but that color of food coloring just didn't want to stay and kept rinsing 99% out and just leaving a very very faint hint of green and you really have to look for it. So that particular piece, guess i'm going to have to buy some green dye, now to just choose the color of green I want.

My favorite is the brown lacey one then
Brown lacey flowerette:

rainbow lacey flowerette:

blue lacey flowerette:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend creation

I finished the last bit of sewing I needed to do on my leather cuff bracelet. It is now done, done, done. I don't think i'm going to add any little extra's to it though it still feels like it needs something. I'll just let it sit and stew for a bit.

edited to add (4-19-10) I gave this bracelet to Zoe Jakes of Beats Antique after the concert at Stubb's in Austin, TX.

I started another wearable piece and finished. Okay, I'm not totally finished, I need to change out all the crystals cause they aren't blingy enough. I used plastic scrapbooking crystals. Yes, I said plastic. I know I should be tarred and featherd for that but, they work so good at the positioning and design. The plastic crystals have a sticky back on them, not a permanent sticky but enough to help with working out a design. Unfortunately I don't have the right size crystals in the color I want to use so I need to get some more. BLEH! If I have to, I can use a back up color but I dunno. I've got so much on my mind right now that it isn't totally thinking straight.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Latest Works

It's been a bit since last I posted. I have some progress pics of a couple of altered headbands and a leather cuff bracelet i'm working on.

#1. Grey satin headband accented with brocade ribbon from Wal-mart and swarovski crystals. I still haven't decided on what else I want to do with this one.

#2. Black satin headband accented with a vintage rose ribbon trim and dome nailheads. I still have a bit of work to do on this one as well.

Leather cuff in the works. This was made from a belt I found at the thrift store. I originally only wanted the medallions and the leather pieces to use in projects. One of the leather pieces I'm going to use as a ponytail holder, it's just the right size. This is, I guess you would call the tongue of the belt, it's the part that the belt connects to, the piece with the holes in it. I was originally going to just throw it out with the rest of the belt that isn't useful but low and behold, it's perfect size for a wrist. I was going to make it a button on cuff but the hole is to small for any of the buttons I have and the shanks on the buttons that almost fit aren't quit long enough. I had to use snaps instead and use the buttons as accents to make it look as if it buttons on. So far I'm very happy with it. I have some more glueing to do and I haven't decided yet if I'm going to add anything extra to it yet.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Headband alteration

In the bellydance community, altered headbands are common. I like the creations a lot more than I do the dance. Don't get me wrong, I love the dance too but it's that creative process that piques my interest more. I finally got around to making an altered headband. The headband I used is wide, covered in a black satin type material. They are readily available in several colors, white, black, blue, orange, purple, red, silver and gunmetal(darker silver color).

This altered headband is actually 2 headbands. I also used some eyelet material as decoration. This is a pic of the headband before I added a few things to it.

This is the headband at the finished stage. I made it so that I could change out the flowers and feather accessories until I decided on a 100% or I may just leave it. I haven't decided yet. I added the afgani or it might be a kuchi pendant to the front, which also can be changed out. The way this headband is put together it opens up the potential for so many additional things.

Here is me wearing it.

I started on another altered headband, this one, that gunmetal color and a very pretty ribbon I got from Wal-mart and some swarovski crystals. I haven't decided yet if I want to alter it towards bellydance related or just altered enough for everyday type use. I haven't taken any pics yet because I haven't decided anything and I still need to clean up the ends of the ribbon and I keep forgetting. LOL!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Using up scraps

What do you do with scraps of yarn? You know that yarn that is not enough for some projects but to much for another, it's kinda in between. I have a few yarns like that.

I got this idea last week to try making a granny square, easy right? Well, only if your paying attention to what your doing. I found this one Never Ending granny blanket square
Simple enough right? Well, my lack of paying attention showed up in the final product, OOPs!

On one of the squares I counted off, not to bad but enough that the 2 squares didn't line up just right. No biggie cause this is my bag and if I really really really get an itch about not liking it, I could take it apart, make it a bit smaller so i'd have enough yarn. You know when you take something apart, the yarn seems to be less than what it was the first time around. UGH! I'm trying to use up some of my yarn, the older stuff. So the bag is new yarn and old yarn. The older yarn is the lovely burgandy color. Of course this Red Heart brand of yarn isn't made anymore. :(

I started another shawl in a varigated Red Heart brand of yarn. Don't know the color name cause I seem to have lost the outer label. I'm looking on Red Heart's website and it is sooooooooo slow. Not having any luck, they say they have 72 colors and it's not showing 72 colors. GRRRRR! Okay I give up, I looked at Red Heart and even I Love This Yarn brands and can't find this particular varigated color. I bought it at Hobby Lobby, i think, thus why I checked the ILTY colors as well. Oh well.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crochet Shawl

I finished another crochet project, a shawl. I've wanted a triangular shawl for some time now but I always make excuses. I finally found, online, how to's and patterns using different methods but getting the same results, a triangular shawl. I printed a few, saved a few, 99, 100..LOL! I've had the " 1,2 skip a few.. 99, 100" thing stuck in my head for days now. Some of the patterns were not exactly what I was looking for but close. I wanted a more open style of shawl, almost netting like.

I found one pattern that was very very close to what I had in mind for my shawl but for some reason I just couldn't seem to wrap my head around the instructions and to top that off, the pics weren't that clear at all. I know I can read a pattern, I may not always understand some of the abbreviations or terms but I can find them and how to do them, no biggie, but sometimes it doesn't matter my brain just says
PFFT! I refuse to GET IT.
That can be very durn frustratin.

I've been working on this shawl for about a week or so. I didn't have to do to many rip outs (where you rip out the work you've already done), just a few. I thought I had all the math worked out but I ended up having to kinda make a few adjustments that made the shawl a wee bit off but nothing noticeable unless your really really looking for it. Despite the mistakes and the resulting size, I really like it. Atleast now I have a general idea for the next one, just need to get the materials out and adjust the pattern a bit. I didn't use a pattern per say, I read all the patterns I had and decided to use a foundation then the netting like design instead. I also added tassels to each connection point.

It's HUGE! It's almost as wide( roughly 3ft) at the top as my couch is long and if I don't have it stretched out, it's about 4-5ft long, but stretched out it shortens up some. To make it a bit neater I joined it to make it one solid edge instead of loops at every other row and in that process, miscalculated something and now the very end kinda has a hugging effect, which isn't bad, think it gives the piece a bit more character. I could have made the netting chains a few stitches less so the resulting netting effect would have been closer together and smaller. I'm sure this would have shortened the shawl but not eliminated the width any. I'd have to say the most tedious part was making the 30 something tassels to hang from it. I used Red Heart white yarn and a 10mm crochet hook and done in single crochet.

My next project is a LARGE granny square purse and after that or maybe during, fingerless gloves.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Nature and her Creativeness

I love clouds and I guess photography can be construed as a creative outlet.

Here are a couple of different shots from Today before the storm clouds came in to make everything grey again.

Here are some older pics that I've taken
1st photo is a sunset that happened back in 98-99 in the Cedar Park/Leander TX area. Truly the most amazing sunset I have ever had the pleasure to witness and I've seen some gorgeous ones. I was very very fortunate to have a camera available even though it was just a 35mm disposable.

This pic was taken towards the end of Aug. 2007, the storm was leaving the Austin area and headed towards Houston.

Something finished

I finished this little bag, playing around with a kniffty knitter ovalish loom. I wasn't to thrilled with the loom, I'll stick to the round ones. I also used my knitting nancy to make the drawstring.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pics of custom requested beanie

Here is a pic of the hat I made for the person mentioned in previous post. Now I just have to get it in the mail and send it out. Punxsutawney Phil said we had 6 more weeks of winter so I have time.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ambitious projects

No pics today but I did finish a custom requested beanie for my youngest brothers' baby's Mama. I've decided to put a project on hold. I wanted to make some hairpin lace fingerless gloves, like these Hairpin Lace wristlets-gloves

I decided I was going to use bulky chenille. Least to say, it's not working out so hot so I think I'll just use the panels I made and turn them into a pillow or something. I still want to use chenille and have some thin chenille to work with. I also got some new yarn over the weekend, suede yarn. If I had more money, I would have bought all they had, which wasn't very many. I was not at a hobby, fabric or yarn store by the way.

At the moment, I am working on a small bag using the pink oval shaped Kniffty Knitter loom. I bought this for my daughter as a christmas present and well, she hasn't touched it or the yarn I bought her. I guess maybe she's not interested in this stuff anymore. She still hasn't finished the scarf she started, she mentioned something about being boring. I don't find the repetitiveness boring, relaxing for the most part. I can work on these looms while listening to music, watching tv or a movie. Maybe if she sees me making things other than scarves, she'll be more interested.

Oh, that reminds me, I still need to finish the pillow. I bought the pillow insert and I think I know exactly what material I'm going to use, just need to measure, cut and sew. That also means, I need to clean off my sewing machine table, it's very clutterd and you can barely see the machine. Oops! :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hairpin Lace 2

I've sorta finished the small neck scarf I made with the hairpin lace tool. I used bulky chenille. I made 2 panels of 140 loops per panel(70 loops on each rod) and only encountered one issue, I need longer rods when working with bulky yarns. This really does work up quickly and I can do it while sitting in front of the TV. I thought about taking one of my cross stitching loom things but realized that would make the loops to wide, even if I used the biggest crochet hook I had for the center, it still wouldn't be long enough. So now I'm looking to make my own hairpin tool. I want it to be adjustable but long and i'm thinking perhaps dowel rods would work or some thin metal rods like the ones I got with the tool I have but longer. We'll see how that goes.

Here is a few pics of my 1st hairpin lace piece. I need to make a scarf pin for it or find one. It's small, a neckkerchief.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hairpin Lace

Over the last several months, if you can't tell, I've been into knitting and now into crochet. I've seen hairpin lace and felt very intimidated by it but upon further investigation, seemed simple. Over the weekend I stopped in at Joanns to see what was on sale, what new goodies they might have and possibly pick up some more yarn and use my 50% off coupons.

While perusing through the net for crochet flowers to finish my hat, I once again came across and hairpin lace. Once again, the curiosity was piqued. Walking around Joanns, fingering the yarns, wishing I had more money, I spy a hairpin lace tool, it's not expensive, not on sale, WOOHOOO! I can use my coupon. I also used my other coupon on a zippered knitting needle/hook case, which I love.

I was able to finally try out my new tool yesterday. The directions that came with the tool, were eh on being helpful. So with tool in one hand, crochet hook in the other I pull up StitchDiva and read then watch the video and have the AH HAH! moment. I start on a strip of 100 loops. I make 2, 100 loop strips and today I joined them using the "cable join" method, which is super easy. I have one test strip done and ready to start on another test strip to trying out other pieceing/finishing methods before I get started on an a hairpin lace pattern.

Here are pics of my test strip

I used some left over varigated purple yarn that is probably 15-20years old give or take 5yrs.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Finished Crochet hat

I FINISHED! I'm very proud of this little hat.