Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sewing machine attachments

I have a very old sewing machine, vintage, antique, whatever you'd like to call it. This machine is made from metal, not plastic parts and is probably about 50+yrs old. I only had a couple of feet for the machine and never really paid it much mind as to the uses. I've used the button holer foot and the regular foot and that's about it. I decided I needed more attachments and went on an ebay hunt. I found some, low shank, WOOHOO! I had no problem finding numerous attachments for my brand of machine but they were all long shank and totally don't fit. My grandmother had given me some attachments for doing embroidery with my machine but they were long shank and didn't fit. No big deal really, I don't plan on doing embroidery by machine anyways. If ever I do decide to do machine type embroidery, I want a machine that is designed to do that, specifically.

I get the parts from the ebay seller and it has a little booklet with it, AWESOME! They fit my machine, doing the happy dance. Only 1 foot attachment wasn't in there that should have been but no big deal because I already have that particular foot anyways, don't need 2. I'm happy, oh so happy to finally have parts that fit my machine to make some of my sewing ever so much easier.

Looking at these new attachments I'm scratching my noodle wondering how the heck they fit on my machine, consult said 1940's looking manual and get the ahh HAH feeling. The pleating/ruffler foot looks like some alien contraption or torture device. LOL! I'm almost scared to use it, hahahahaa. I open up the booklet and begin reading and realize that some projects I have done could have been sew much easier if I had known how to use the attachments, even the few I had.

One of the projects I'm somewhat working on is going to be so much easier to do because it calls for a very small hem. I now have a rolled hem attachment that will make that much easier to do. I can now do dainty and delicate materials with nice hems.

I still have to make a duct tape dummy but with my weight currently fluctuating, I'm wondering if I should wait. I do want a nice dress dummy that has adjustable nob things all over it but that's going to cost a bit and with car problems, that'll have to wait too. Glad, I'm not having to make things for other people that would require a dress dummy. Now to just find time to sit down and play with my new attachments. I still need to finish the other arm cuff too.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well, I finally finished one of the cuffs and will probably start working on the other one tonight. I've already gathered the ruffle part of the matching cuff. I like them, except I made them a we bit to big for my wrist, so they are a bit loose. I think I may need to change the method of closure to maybe a button and elastic cause threading the 2 holes and trying to tie it on yourself is a pain and pretty much impossible.

I didn't get to the duct tape form this weekend but I did manage to clean off my kitchen table, which about killed me. Okay, I'm exaggerating but the amount of stress I felt from doing that, was horrible. The S.O wanted to use the table for some of his stuff. First he just wanted to move all the loose stuff off the table that was piled a mile high, into a box and even brought out a box. I felt anger, tears in my eyes, lump in my throat and just anxiety. I was in the middle of cooking breakfast and started the clearing off process and by the time breakfast was done, I couldn't eat it I was so upset.

I tried to figure out why I was getting upset. Everything on that table hasn't been used in months, if not years. I have been in a creative funk for several years now and having to put that stuff away just reminded me even more of how much stuff I have. I have a lot of crafting stuff but at the same time I don't have enough room not only to store it but to create with it. I think that is the core of the issue, not having the room to feel free to create without someone complaining about the stuff laying around. I still feel a little hurt about it but at least the feeling sick to my stomach is much better.