Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lacy Flowerettes

A few weeks ago I saw a tutorial on making a ribbon flower with the ribbong that has wire running through the edges. I don't remember where I saw it, youtube or maybe a website. I still haven't made one yet. I did however make some stuff using some lace I had. I had some white lace that I dyed using fabric dye, food cloring and antiquing with tea and coffee. I got a lovely shade of purple from the fabric dye, a nice pretty pink from the food coloring and a nice antique color from the tea and coffee. I tried to make green lace but that color of food coloring just didn't want to stay and kept rinsing 99% out and just leaving a very very faint hint of green and you really have to look for it. So that particular piece, guess i'm going to have to buy some green dye, now to just choose the color of green I want.

My favorite is the brown lacey one then
Brown lacey flowerette:

rainbow lacey flowerette:

blue lacey flowerette: