Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Got Lost - Trying to find my way back.

So lots of stuff has gone on (and still going on), not much in the creation department except for a couple of crocheted baby blankets for my daughter that was born in December of 2013. I haven't posted since Nov. 2011, wow. I can't seem to stay focused on much these days between working, rambunctious 2yr old and my husband of 14yrs diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. To top it all off just within the last month my oldest daughter of 21yrs was diagnosed with stage 1 cervix cancer and think it was because she was diagnosed several months back with HPV. I've got a lot on my plate. Heck, my job, went from a full time position to half that and with a slight pay cut. My dear hubby can't work anymore, so we took a major hit in the finance pocket. I want to get back into my creative work but I have no UMPH!. I still buy stuff for "Someday", not much fabric wise though now that my resources are way to far away. We moved about a month after finding out about the lung cancer from Austin to my grandma's house in Houston. I moved back home. Yeah no UMPH. So tired. I did for a few weeks have a really strong urge to get back into polymer clay when I saw some of my mom's fairy garden/house making stuff. I wanted to buy a convection oven and everything. I even have all these big plans to make my grandma's backyard much more inviting and get a garden going again. Ohhh that is a lot of work. The heat is to much, heat advisory for a few days now and by 9am your drenched in humidity and sweat. Hubby can't do much when it comes to the sun and heat, the medication he is taking, sun is bad, heat is bad. The weather even makes it hard to breathe, twice as bad with those having lung issues. Then I got a bright idea about making gazing balls after seeing it on pinterest. Went on a lil shopping spree, supposed to be a project for me and mom. Bought the necessary tools but decided to use hot glue first, didn't work, humidity to high. We worked mostly in the garage and if the door is open all that outside comes in. Decided to go with the recommended glue, humidity still plays a factor but it's not as bad. Let's just say the execution is not meeting the picture in mind. Fizzled. Now, adult coloring books and I've barely colored anything in any of them. I've gotten cheap books, pricey books and some in between. I've bought pens, gel pens, metallic pencils, sharpie fine points, markers, watercolors, watercolor pencils, etc. Sadly, I still want to buy more, prismacolor, I really would love a nice set of those pencils, "SOMEDAY". I just don't have a few hundred dollars to spare right now.