Monday, May 23, 2011

Just a little Something

I got inspiration for this bracelet from a girl at Joann Fabrics. Her bracelet was actually 2 pieces of lace overlapping to make her fabric cuff. It was very pretty. I found some inexpensive pleated ribbon with velvet ribbon running the center of it. Perfect for making small wristlettes. The velvet ribbon makes a nice smooth surface for embellishing and finished off with a simple sew on snap and voila, a lovely little bracelet.

I didn't buy a lot of the ribbon trim I made this wristlette from but I could easily make more by pleating appropriate sized satin ribbon and adding velvet ribbon or something other than velvet for the center. I do need to find a better adhesive than the Aileene's jewel it stuff.

So here is my 1st one, the prototype. I'm makine a matching pair with a necklace next. I just haven't decided on what color I want to do the set. I want the color scheme to be universal in day and evening wear as well as matching to a myrid of outfits.