Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I just keep poppin in and out. I have come across some romance novels that have completely taken over most of my waking, non-involved with something time. There are like 16 books to this series and I've read 4 so far. So in the spirit of books and reading, I got tired of using whatever was handy to mark my place.

I took some of the 18g silver filled wire and began to shape it, willy nilly. I found some base metal chain and a mix of a few beads and attached them to the end of the chain. Here is the result:

Close up of dangles:

Though I like my bookmark, it's a bit flimsy. I need to use a heavier gauge wire, maybe something like 14g, maybe even 16g might work. I have found that with the silver filed wire, the bigger the piece the flimsier the wire seems. Smaller pieces it's pretty sturdy after a little bit of hammering and it doesn't take to much strength to start to flatten the wire.

I also have some cute pictures of my funny kitties and guinea pig to share.

Lira hanging out with Oscar in his cage.

Lira and my fat cat, Kitty, playing. Lira loves to launch herself at Kitty. It's so funny watching them play. I got several shots but the camera batteries were running low. I need to throw them back on the charger again. Man, they just seem to have no life to them, the batteries that is and they are pretty new.

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