Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It seems like I've been working on destashing, cleaning out and getting rid of crafting supplies for years now. Okay, it has been years. LOL! Yesterday, when I got home from work, I pulled out one of the boxes of crafting supplies that is marked to get rid of. I was just throwing stuff in there, no real organization to it. While trying not to think about the crap that is continually going on in my life, I sorted the box. I pulled out numerous items that I figured might go quickly on Etsy cause well, some of that stuff I've had since like the 80's. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I should just give it away but right now I need money. If I didn't need money, I probably would just donate it all to goodwill, salvation army, kids, etc. I still have another box of stuff to get rid of, the FABRIC box of doooooom... LOL! No, just kidding, it's not doom but it has lots of fabric in it.

So for those of you who read this blog, if your interested in seeing the stuff I've listed on Etsy, go here

OdetteDesigns Etsy

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fascinated with Hair Accessories

I'm having a little bit of fun playing with makeing hair fascinators. Right now i'm just doing bobby pins cause well the hands and brain still aren't wanting to cooperate with each other as well as i'd like them too. I made these 3 last night.