Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's cold, It's cold, It's COLD!

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! It's cold outside. I can't believe it, just yesterday before the cold front moved in, it was in the mid 70's and dropped down to the 30's by midnight and it snowed. It was really windy and it was mentioned we might see some snow flurries. WOW! it was coming down fast and big huge snowflakes at that, more like ice than that soft stuff most people think of. Yet it was still light enough to float around. I was so excited that I forgot that my camera takes video footage too. I think the video would have captured the intensity of the snow coming down. I did get some pictures though and almost froze my fingers off. My poor digits were so freaking cold that I couldn't even feel the button on the camera or if I was even pressing hard enough to take the picture, the flash was the only thing that said yes I was. LOL! It was really cool cause in Texas, especially Austin, we don't get much of anything like this, mostly sleet and ice when it does happen. I've only seen it snow a few times in my life, that it actually stayed on the ground for more than a couple of hours. We had the sliding glass door open to let in some fresh cool air and my kitten Lira was going crazy. Some of the large snowflakes were floating onto the porch and she wanted at them. She kept running back and forth like a kitty on crack, her tail like a bottle cleaner. LOL! She kept standing up on the screen door and meowing like she wanted at those snowflakes. So silly and to bad I didn't get any pictures of her acting like a freak.

When I got home yesterday, the hubby had decorated the porch with lights and decorated the tree. He's so sweet when he's not being Mr. Grumpy.

So here are the pics, starting with our wee little tree, hehe!

The wreath I made a few years ago. It's changeable cause the only things somewhat attached are the bows and they are just twist ties on the back.

Here are the snow pics

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