Monday, June 9, 2008

Over the weekend

Lately my creativity has been lacking in the UMPH! department. I don't lack the ideas, I have oodles of them.

This weekend I decided to play with some polymer clay. I removed the clay from around a couple of pens I was no longer happy with and tried thinner clay. I was going to try and do a retro looking pen design but it didn't really come out like I wanted it to. I used a scrap cane that didn't work, browns, black, translucent and white. The pattern did, after 2 extrusions, resemble a bit of a cheetah print, sorta. I covered one the pens I had just pulled clay off of and wraped it and baked it. After baking I did some sanding and then put a few layers of sculpey glaze on it.

1st, I left the pen in the oven to long so it is much darker than it should have been.
2nd, The glaze stuff, just to thick and left streaks. I think I may have applied it to thick. I used a paint brush instead of a makeup applicator, like I normally do.

I do like using the clay thinner than I the previous designs on the pen casing. I think I'll try again on the second one and this time keep a better eye on it. I think I may make up several and offer them in my etsy shop.

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