Friday, June 27, 2008

New Ideas

Yesterday while sitting at work during a slow period an idea began to form in my head as I perused through the jewelry section on Etsy. There are a number of very talented people on there and makes for some great eye candy and inspiration. So I was perusing through the rings section and looking at all the wonderful pieces and an idea began to form.

This idea is a ring and it probably actually started a few days ago when I made the dangle ring and the other ring. It wasn't much more than just a passing thought at the time but yesterday it began to concrete itself in my mind. Gears began to turn and decided it might be an interesting idea cause I haven't seen anything like it, yet. I look at some more jewelry and ended up buying some more wire. I bought some 26g sterling silver dead soft and 28g sterling silver half-hard to make headpins,this should be interesting. I hope they ship quickly cause I'd love to have them within the week. I pulled out my small stash of sterling silver yesterday and took stock. I do have enough sterling silver to attempt a few headpins without hurting my small supply.

So back to the idea, after doing the hubby's laundry, I pulled out some of my craft wire and began to fiddle. The concept works, just needs a wee bit of tinkering. I think that I could do it using round wire but I'm betting that square wire would yeild the best result. The design will also incorporate a weaving technique which I have no idea what it's called at the moment. I know the name is filed away but access is on dial up at the momnet. LOL! AHA! I think it's called the Ladder Stitch.

After making the prototype last night, poor pathetic thing. I then analized everything I saw wrong and asked the hubby to give me his opinion and he confirmed some of the things I already saw. On the couch I sat and let my mind conjure up a 3D image and I began working the image in my mind and sorting out some of the issues as mind twisted the wire this way and that. It's kinda like working with wire and seeing the results but it's all in my head instead. I can usually work out schematics and design issues that way instead of the hands on approach. My drawing skills are sub par and that doesn't work to well. I have just enough drawing skills to jot down an idea and most of the time can be only understood by me.

It lifts my heart to be able to make things that I'm really proud of. This creative slump was really bringing me down no matter how hard I tried to fight it off. Some days I'd win the battle and be okay with this lull and other days the thought just wanted to make me scream and pull my hair out. I can't remember a time that I have ever had such a long dry spell with very little ever created. Most of these dry spells would last about a year. This one just feels like it's been going on forever, I think it's been close to 3 years now or 3.5yrs. Who knows, maybe it's been longer, my days just seem to run together.

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