Thursday, June 12, 2008

Come back energy

I lack energy. I lack the Umph that usually gets me through. This is probably the longest I've ever gone in a creative slump. I've been sick the past couple of days. Though being sick these past few days doesn't answer why i've been in a creative slump for the last few years.

I started pulling together some beads to make a purple beaded fringe bracelet. I want to make a brown one but can't find the closure button I need. I know it's around some where. I thought about doing a black and white one as well but I don't have many "white" beads. I have blue beads but need a blue button closure for that one, just haven't found the "right blue" closure just yet.

I thought I had a picture I could post of a similar beaded fringe bracelet. Guess I'll have to take a new picture of it and post later. I need to fix a minor detail on the one that I made for myself. It feels great when you wear it and I like just giving my wrist a shake. So fun to wear too.

I need to stop by the store and buy some more buttons so that I can make several colors.

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