Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just a spark

Just recently I purchased some 18g silver filled wire (SS/40) for a great price from an Etsy store, Catdancingranch

6-27-08 (Note) Upon further research the silver filled wire can not be technically called sterling do to the amount of actual sterling not meeting the standard of .925. It's okay I still like the wire and is an inexpensive alternative to the sterling, it keeps a nice shine and seems to be fairly tarnish resistant.

I just got my wire in the mail and wanted to make a dangle ring for sure and ended up making two different rings. Of course I have more color ideas brewing for the two rings, unfortunately i'm out of sterling silver headpins for the one and need different bead caps for the other. Looks like I may need to go buy some more bead caps and headpins. I could make my own headpins, I have an inexpensive butane torch still sitting in it's package I bought just for making my own headpins and soldering. I think I might make some this weekend when I will have more time. I bought this torch to see if I like torch work. If I decide that I like it then I plan on getting a better torch. Guess for now I just might use the coupons I have to get some more headpins, to save a bit of money. I don't have a lot of sterling silver available for making headpins at the moment.

Ring #1 - "Ocean Daisy" - 18g silver filled wire,Sterling silver daisy dangles, 4mm bicone violet Opal and pacific opal swarovski crystals and 2mm sterling silver beads.

Ring #2 - "Baby Blue" - 18g silver filled wire, sterling silver bead caps and frosted faceted blue glass bead.

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