Monday, June 23, 2008

Churning of Gears

This weekend I was cleaning, shhhhh don't tell anyone. LOL! I clean all the time but not really clean, like move things and get behind them and so forth. Well I did that this weekend to my living room. About time I sucked up the cat hair that has been collecting behind the couch. LOL!

While taking a break from the dusting and vaccuming and moving furniture around it got me to thinking about makeing stuff. I hate cleaning and only do it because it has to be done. I guess in my head, I'd rather try and create something instead of clean but with my current creative slump even that didn't get me fired up like usual. However, it didn't stop ideas from forming.

After I got done on saturday, I was to pooped to work on anything but planting my behind on the couch and holding it down. HEheHE!

Sunday, I did dabble a little bit with some stretch lace that I forgot I had and came across again in a long forgotten box of material and trims. It's remnants from I don't remember when. When my daughter was a newborn I used to make her little stretchy lace headbands with flowers and bows to wear. So I got out some needle and thread, sewed one of the smaller pieces together and put a couple of yellow gingham flowers off to the side a bit on it and secured the flowers with a dab of fabric glue. It still needs something but it hasn't come to me yet. I was going to take pictures but the camera batteries were dead, it was late so I'll get pics tomorrow.

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