Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hairpin Lace

Over the last several months, if you can't tell, I've been into knitting and now into crochet. I've seen hairpin lace and felt very intimidated by it but upon further investigation, seemed simple. Over the weekend I stopped in at Joanns to see what was on sale, what new goodies they might have and possibly pick up some more yarn and use my 50% off coupons.

While perusing through the net for crochet flowers to finish my hat, I once again came across StitchDiva.com and hairpin lace. Once again, the curiosity was piqued. Walking around Joanns, fingering the yarns, wishing I had more money, I spy a hairpin lace tool, it's not expensive, not on sale, WOOHOOO! I can use my coupon. I also used my other coupon on a zippered knitting needle/hook case, which I love.

I was able to finally try out my new tool yesterday. The directions that came with the tool, were eh on being helpful. So with tool in one hand, crochet hook in the other I pull up StitchDiva and read then watch the video and have the AH HAH! moment. I start on a strip of 100 loops. I make 2, 100 loop strips and today I joined them using the "cable join" method, which is super easy. I have one test strip done and ready to start on another test strip to trying out other pieceing/finishing methods before I get started on an a hairpin lace pattern.

Here are pics of my test strip

I used some left over varigated purple yarn that is probably 15-20years old give or take 5yrs.

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