Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Raining Men!

Snowmen that is! I made snowmens, SEEEEEEE!

Aren't they just adorable! I made these 3 lil guys over the past couple of days. I made their scarves and their hats and since I didn't have anything to use as a suitable nose, I had to make some from clay and then paint. I think they all came out so darned cute. I showed my daughter the big one, since it was finished when she got back from visiting her dad, she said " great, more snowmen" LOL! Kids, gotta love'em. They go great with my little trees.

Over my 4 day weekend, I had planned on finishing my 1st pair of harem pants. I didn't finish them, unfortunately. I had to redo the gathering stitches 3 times, i'm on 3 now or is it 4? First try, something didn't stitch right so the bobbin thread didn't want to pull right and I broke the thread trying to force it. 2nd time got almost all the way done with the gathering and thread broke about an inch from the end, UGH! 3rd time, got it all gathered up nicely and was only making adjustments for it to fit in the cuff, broke the dang thread again. You would think by now that I'd throw that thread away, nope, it's still on the dang sewing machine. Here is my little helper, even though he wasn't much help. I love my old sewing machine, isn't she lovely!

So the harem pants are still sitting by the sewing machine. I might try and work on them again tonight, depend on how I feel. So far i'm liking them other than this gathering frustration at the breaking thread. It's such a simple fix, except I really don't want to use my good thread on this pair of harem pants because they are being made from a thread bare bed sheet. I used the sheet so I could get a feel of how to make harem pants before bustin out the fabric I want to use and it'll also give me a pair to practice in at home. Guinness, my sewing helper, thinks the pants are for him to attack.

I'm trying to check the fit here and he was very determined to attack, LOL! I was bending over to once again remove him from my leg when my daughter snapped this pic. I couldn't check the fitting because he wouldn't stop chasing me around and attacking. He's so silly! I finally had to have someone direct his attention elsewhere so I could finish.

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