Friday, July 18, 2008


I'm so glad it's Friday, PAYDAY! Oh, darn.. I forgot all monies are already gone, paying bills, fixing car and so on, YUCK! I did manage to squeeze a few dollars out of my tight budget and buy some more wire.

I bought some more 18g silver filled wire so that I can do some chainmaille. Last night I coiled and cut about the last 3-4 feet I had left. I did leave about 6 inches to make a couple of pendants or a ring from, haven't decided. I need to find my tiny collection of wire files so that I can smooth the cut points on the rings. Yes, I'm still hand cutting and filing my rings. It's not to bad cause I don't cut that many.

Yesterday I took a personal day. I sat down and made a lovely mess. LOL! I started with some light green glass pearls, some faceted glass rondelles that I got at the Whole Bead Show earlier this year. These lovely rondelles have a greenish-purplish shimmer to them. Just 8 more months till next year's show. Anyways, I tried different bead caps and nothing was really working. I remembered having some sterling silver hoop earrings with loops so I pulled them out, some chain and some 20g sterling silver wire for doing some bead links. The design is working, just not my wrapping skills. Either I need to practice more or I need to dig out my mini pliers set.

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