Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm still here

PHEW! work has been keeping me busy and I kept forgetting to grab the camera and download a few pictures. I didn't get to much done over the July 4th weekend but here is what I'm currently working on
This is supposed to be a moon pendant. I'm using the silver filled wire and 11/0 pearl colored seed beads. I have several different types of beads to fill in the center part, just haven't gotten there yet.

This is also going to be a pendant but I haven't really decided anything concrete on it yet. This is silver filled wire, hammered. I have found that if you hammer it to thin it becomes brittle and soft and will break fairly easy. Sorry that I don't have the thickness off this hammered piece, I'll try to remember next time. I did manage to wrap the whole of the frame in a thinner gauge of silver filled wire.

These are a couple of polymer clay cabs that I made a long time ago and I finally got around to sanding and sealing and buffing them. They will be made into pendants.

I made this bead, it's actually got a hole that runs through it, several years ago. It was the first really big swirly bead I made, using black and alazarian crimson premo clay. Such gorgeous colors together. I had started making a wrap for the other 2 clay cabs but I made it way to wide and nothing fit, not even some of my really nice stone cabs. This was the only thing that fit. I'm not real thrilled with it because it just kinda lost interest when the setting just wasn't working. I'll try again another time.

These are just a lovely pair of earrings that I made for myself. I love purple, it's even my birthstone.

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Marylo said...

Hi Odette,

I'm a french beader and I must say that I don't use any wire at all. I work mainly with seed beads (my favorites) and natural stones (and cristals...and wood... and .... and...).

Your pendants are really wonderful and I like the way you surround your Polymer Clay lentils with silver wire. It gives me ideas (although I have never work with this media: wire!).

LOL (Lots of Love) from France and
from Marylo, la rêveuse (aka the beaddreamer)