Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Finished Pendants

So it seems that my muse has come back to fiddle with some wire. I've got a headache brewing and I should probably go and take something before it gets full blown. I think it's just a combination of poor sleep and sinuses. I really didn't want to get up this morning. I was comfortable and warm all snug as a bug in a rug.

Last night while finishing up the circular pendant I had another idea for some simple pearl earrings. Off into my own little 3D world I went or starring off into space as other's would see it. I can visualize the shape of the pearls, tossing the design from smooth round pearls to more natural pearls. I toss on posts, french hooks and lever back ear wires to see which one seems to fit. Natural shaped pearls of somewhat uniform size look lovely hanging from the lever back ear wires, simplicity at it's best.

I'm happy to have some things brewing and my muse letting my hands cooperate enough to make things. I'm slower than I usually would be but it's slowly coming back, it's a nice feeling.

So without further boring ramblings from me here are my 2 finished pendants.

Moon Pendant- silver filled and non-tarnish wire in 18g, 22g,and 24g. A small selection of glass beads and seed beads along with a shell heart.

Pearl Pendant- silver filled and non-tarnish wire in 18g, 22g,and 24g.Glass and natural pearls in different sizes and colors.

So maybe tomorrow I'll have some pearl earrings to show. I wish I could come up with witty stuff to say to make this blog a bit more interesting. My cat loves me, she keeps my bed warm.

Edited to add: sorry I had the wire gauges wrong but they are fixed now.


Kiwi Ellen said...

Melissa I love your new pendants, they are both gorgeous but the the moon one is my favorite

It's great to see you creating again my friend

Cat said...

Melissa, those are great! I agree with Ellen - the moon is my favorite, too.

Mel said...

Thanks Ladies!