Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wee Update

No lack of ideas, not much in the way of creating. I had really hoped to get something made over the Thanksgiving holiday. I did manage to get a stuffed fish sewn up that has been sitting for about a year. I also got a doll form sewn, turned and started the stuffing process. I drew the doll about a year or so ago, inspired by a wonderful beader in Italy. I double stitched the seam on the doll so that it would have less stress after being stuffed. I definetly need to make some modifications to the pattern but over all, I like it. The pattern somewhat resembles the goddess symbol and dance all at the same time. You might think, oh she'll call the doll, Goddess of Dance, nope that will be one name but I've decided to call the current doll, Celebration of Dance. She has a very cool fabric that is blue and swirly looking, it evokes the feeling of movement for me when I look at it. This particular doll pattern was also inspired by a beaded face that I have yet to finish. I wanted the pattern to evoke movement and I feel that is portrays that.

I think that I'm going to try and work on old WIP's and get them done and out of the way to hopefully make room for more. LOL! Maybe this slump is telling me to finish things before starting something new so that I don't have those half assed projects hanging over my head, weighing my shoulders down. Somewhere in the back of my head they nag at me on a subconcious level. I don't have to many WIP's at the moment but I have a few.

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