Friday, December 11, 2009

Kniffty Knitting

I have a couple of the Kniffty Knitter looms. My daughter was the one that wanted them and okay, so have I but they are a bit expensive for my budget. We bought the small so that my daughter could make scarves or leg warmers or even a baby hat. Her first project was a hat. Here you can see a pic of her cat Lira sporting said hat (HOOK'EM HORNS)

She started on a scarf for herself but unfortunately she chose a yarn from my collection that I only had one of and it's a Joann's fabric exclusive type yarn. I'm hoping that when I go to Joann's on saturday that they still carry this particular yarn cause I can't even find it on the net. If we can't find it, we may just have to take apart all the work that she's done and repurpose the yarn to another project.

Speaking of taking apart stuff. I decided that I wasn't real thrilled with #4 scarf so I took it apart and haven't decided if I'm going to restart with that yarn or do something entirely different with it. I decided that I really wanted to try out my new Kniffty knitter looms and attempt to make a hat. Ugh, unfortunately for me I don't have a lot of any one color which I need atleast 2-5(maybe even more) depending on the skein and the project. So I decide i'm definetly going to attempt this hat thing with thick black chenille. I'm going along just wonderfully and every now and then I hear this noise and I think it's one of the pegs because every time I hear it, it's right around this one peg. Low and behold, nope it was the thread BREAKING. I should know better about the strength of chenille. To much stress on the thread and it breaks. So here I am about a quarter of the way into the hat and fixing to finish up on the brim portion and I'm almost, so close, to finishing that part when SNAP I break the thread completely in 2. UGH! ! ! As I am taking apart the hours of work i've already spent, I find that the noise was broken threads and now have about half a dozen different lengths of chenille. Obviously my tension was way to tight so I start over using a lighter touch on the tension, so far so good. I might just be done with this hat by the end of the weekend, just in time for the weather to warm up into the 70's.

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