Monday, August 3, 2009


Hello to my readers (listens for cricket chirps). My significant other and my daughter have both been going to this role playing game called HeroClix once a week together. It's great cause I get several hours to just veg out, go shopping (when I have money) or sleep if I want to. At the comic book store where they game, they have dice bags made using chainmaille techniques. The bags are cool, kinda wide and use aluminum and rubber rings. The use of rubber rings is kinda new and kinda cool. I don't know many people that actually buy these bags but they seem to sell.

The S.O asks me why I don't make any and try to sell them. I'm like to who? Even big gamers don't buy chainmaille bags. So on a bored whim last night, I pulled out some anodized aluminum rings I have and played around with them. My bag is not exactly like some of the patterns I have saved but then again I really wasn't working off of one, just fiddling around. My little bag looks a bit more like a tube than a bag. LOL!

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