Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sew Me

A little update, I've been sewing, well attempting to. This is the current project i'm working on, wrist cuffs. They are made from scraps that I have. Right now I have only one just about done, playing around with some decorating ideas. I didn't finish the edges on the grey cotton material because I want it to fray and have that kinda tatty look. I need to find get some black ribbon or rattail cording to tie them with.
Close up:

I have other projects in the sewing category but I seriously need a body double or something. I need to break out the duct tape, old t-shirt and bra and duct tape myself a double. I need extra hands though, I'm sure my daughter and J would look at me like I was nuts, then again they already think i'm crazy. LOL! :)

I need to get some newspaper or some of that expand a foam crap to fill the double with and maybe some kind of contraption to hold it up. Right now I feel that not having some kind of sewing dummy to work from is hindering my work progress. I have numerous sewing projects on the board but really need that double since I'm not a contortinist. Guess that will be my project this weekend, duct tape double!

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