Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's another hat

I finished another hat. YEAH! I used bulky cream colored chenille and some grey glittery fun fur. Since the fun fur stuff is kinda stiff and itchy, I didn't incorporate it into the whole hat, just the top portion and left the brim chenille soft. hehehehe!

Ice Princess Hat:

Close up:

another close up/sidish view:

Now that I'm done with the hat, I can start on a scarf or maybe that pillow i'm thinking about making or I could just do both at the same time, since it will be 2 different sized looms. I also want to learn to knit socks, but they seem very intimidating. I also want to learn how to do other stitches with the looms and perhaps even make my own. I picked up some double pointed knitting needles a couple days ago and some cute yarn and a couple of the free patterns that are hanging up. I picked up this one for crocheted fingerless mitts that is very cute that I want to attempt. Not sure what I want to do first, knit or crochet. I guess I could start them all and just work whichever one I want when I feel like it.

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