Monday, May 11, 2009


Hi, it's just me, still alive and kicking. Sometimes I really don't feel all that alive, more like a zombie. LOL!

Well, not much to report. I did try to do some sewing this weekend. I did get one shirt mended. I tried to work on a pair of wrap pants and some gauntlets. I'm not sure what is going on with the damn sewing machine. I'm using a zig-zag stitch to do the hemming on a stretchy knit like material. I have no problems with the first few inches then it starts skipping, not picking up threads, sewing a straight line instead of a zig-zag. UGH! I checked the needle to make sure I was using the right one for the material, checked the bobbin tension and the top thread tension. I made adjustments, test strips and it's still doing the same thing. I'm ready to give up and do the easy hemming with some iron on interfacing strips. The only thing I'd have to sew then is the top with ties. Yeah, I think I will do that.

On the guantlets, I'm going to have to make a few adjustments to the pattern but the idea is cool and will work, that's what matters.

My next project will be to finally finish my grandmother's apron and then I can work on some more belly dance stuff.

I still have lots of sorting and organizing to do but I'm taking a break for the moment. I have enough stuff sorted out to keep me busy for a bit.

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