Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time Flies

Wow, didn't realize it has been awhile since I posted anything, okay yes I did but not as long as it actually has been. What have I been up to, existing. Yep, just existing. So far this year hasn't turned out to be near the hopes and dreams I had back in January. The creative ideas are there, just not the drive. I really wish this funk would go away, it's been hanging around to long. I have dabbled here and there on stuff. Nothing all that significant, wish I could say otherwise. I'm trying to get a duct tape dummy form done but can't seem to find a willing person to help me. Daughter says it's weird and hubby doesn't want to listen that it needs to be done a certain way not just taking tape and wrapping in a circle, UGH!

1st- Harem Pants. The ones I had been working on, finished, then promptly tore them up and threw them away. The fabric was thread bare and they were just for practicing on. I removed the elastic from the mock up to reuse in the real ones. The waistband on these is made from the runner on the bottom inside of the sari. I did do a bit of color dying trying to match it to a skirt color, eh. I got the sari fabric and figured out somewhat of how I wanted the fabric to be and snippy snippy I went. They didn't turn out exactly as I had envisioned by fairly close. I realize my biggest issue with pants of any sort is the rise factor in cutting the crotch area. Practice, practice, that's all I really need.

2nd- Dyed Pearls. That was some fun experimenting. I went on to make other colors, like silver/grey and black. I tried to make a bahama blue but it came out more like the faintest of blue instead and I left them in a long time. They just didn't want to hold the color. I also made a few things from the pearls I dyed and have ideas for some of the other pearls.

Pink Dyed pearls and pink swarovski 4mm bicone crystals and delica beads.

Close up of Pink Dyed Bracelet/earrings

Purple dyed bracelet

I also made this green bracelet but I bought the pearls this color. Pearls and 2 different sized/color swarovski's and delica seed beads.

I finally put the finishing touches on this hair fascinator.. added a few flowers and a clip.

I also made a skirt using some of the left over from the sari harem pants along with another found odd fabric apparel. I think the main body of the skirt was a head type covering that india and muslims wear. I still need to make the matching arm decor to go with it. It ties in prettily with the harem pants. Once I finish those, then I need to make a top and i'll have a full matching outfit. YEAH!. The skirt is a deep burgandy, chiffon maybe. It flows but it's kinda heavy as well. I should probably get a pic of this. It has a spot on it that looks like paint that I can't get out but it's at the bottom. I thought about doing some beadwork or something to cover it up. UPDATED: Got a pic of skirt.

Lets see I made this ring earlier this month. I'm still a bit iffy on it though. I was trying to use materials I already had without buying more. I have way to much already.

Other than those, not much else. I've been trying to get into sewing but I just don't seem to have the room and without a dress form, be it store bought or handmade, it's really hindering me at the moment. A lot of the things I want to make, I can't because I don't have an extra hand/helper that knows what to do. The teenlette is more interested in satisfaction right now instead of makeing an effort for the long term goal. I do think she is becoming a bit more interested with Faire season here and we now have one that is really close to us.

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